Jaw in a Day

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Tumors of the mandible are complex, often requiring the replacement of bone, soft tissue, and teeth.

Reconstruction of the jaw with the fibula flap has become a routine procedure in large tumors of the jaw, providing bone and soft tissue at the time of the resection.

In current practice, dental reconstruction is delayed for 6 to 24 months, leaving the patient without teeth in the interim. This can be disfiguring and anxiety-provoking for the patient.

Our Team is the first in the world to perform this procedure.

With this new procedure patients with tumors of the mandible undergo virtually guided resection, fibula reconstruction, and insertion of an implant-retained dental prosthesis in one operation.

Using computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technology enables this surgical procedure to be performed in a single stage. This innovative procedure has been pioneered by Dr. Hirsch, Levine and Brecht and successfully performed on numerous patients.


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