Cyst Excision in New York

What is Jaw Cyst Surgery?

A cyst is an abnormal cavity in bone or soft tissues which may contain fluid, is often surrounded by a capsule, and is usually lined with a thin membrane. There are many different kinds of cysts, the classification of which is beyond the scope of this website. Large cavities should undergo needle aspiration to ensure that they do not represent a solid tumor. Also, the true nature of a large cyst should be determined before its complete removal by an incisional biopsy, so that the excision technique can be modified for that cyst type.

The most important reason for recommending that a cyst be removed is that over time they increase in size and may eventually become infected. Very large cysts may significantly weaken the lower jaw, predisposing it to fracture. Teeth adjacent to a large cyst may become loose, displaced, or undergo root resorption.

Benign cysts are usually slow growing, and there are occasions when it is prudent to avoid removal. Every person with a cyst should be evaluated individually, and treatment should be carefully planned.

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